Care Advice

All our Beneke Jewellery pieces are made from a 100% recycled brass base metal. Brass is the most commonly used base metal for costume jewellery which we then either plate with 18k gold or platinum silver. As with all plated jewellery you must care for the pieces to prevent the deterioration of the plating over time.

To care for your Beneke pieces we reccommend-

  • Avoiding chemicals and cosmetics by never appplying items such as perfumes while wearing jewellery.
  • Taking off your jewellery when sleeping as the body naturally secretes elements such as sweat overnight that can affect the durability of the jewellery 
  • Althought the pieces are safe in water we encourage not exposing any plated jewellery to long durations in water and always drying off after exposure.
  • Avoid wearing any jewellery in chemical based waters such as chlorine filled pools.
  • Keep your jewellery pieces sparkle by using a plated-jewellery safe polishing cloth to remove surface dirt that may collect inbetween stones or on the surafce of the metal.