Our Story

Beneke Jewellery was originally started in July 2021 by Caitlin Everson. The word Beneke, pronounced (Ben-ah-kah) comes from her beloved grandmother Noelene's maiden name. Dedicated to her, Noelene has been the inspiration for her first love of all things jewellery.

After spending the first year of her degree developing knowledge of jewellery and jewellery quality, Beneke Jewellery was born originally to fufil her desire to find day to day huggie earrings that were of a high quality without breaking the bank to cover her multiple piercings.

After requests and compliments from friends and family, Beneke originally launched on Etsy with a collection of five pairs of earrings designed with the natural world in mind, all of which, ended up selling out within the first three days after opening.

Beneke has continued to flourish since with the abundance of love and encouragement of supporters and customers. Inspiring the decision to move onto a website the following July where it has continued to grow day to day.








When creating Beneke after working in jewellery retail and seeing first hand the ignorance to sustainability. it became important to Caitlin that Beneke Jewellery had a positive impact on the earth asmuch as it drew inspiration from it. Always prioritising an assurance to ourselves and our customers that we were transparent behind every products enviromental impact. From using recycled brass for the earring base metal and ensuring all packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable Beneke Jewellery is always prided on it's approach to sustainability.


"Jewellery is and always has been really important to me in various aspects of my life. Now at 21 years old I feel very blessed to have Beneke Jewellery as an outlet to share the love and passion that i have for jewellery with such a supportive and beyond encouraging customer base. I've always believed that jewellery should be for everyone ,accessorising is such an important form of expression that everyone should be able to access without fear of wasting money on bad quality pieces or feeling like they have to spend large amounts of money to be able to do so. Which is why i feel honoured that Beneke Jewellery is able to continue growing in the way that is has to reach audiences all over the world." -Caitlin Everson, Founder